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KCL papers were accepted by SETTA 2022

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Recently, the KCL paper written by the team members was accepted by SETTA 2022 International Conference.

The purpose of the Symposium on Dependable Software Engineering (SETTA) symposium is to bring international researchers together to exchange research results and ideas on bridging the gap between formal methods and software engineering. This is for instance reflected by the challenges in applying formal techniques and tools to engineering large-scale systems such as Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Internet-of-Things (IoT), Enterprise Systems, Cloud-Based Systems, and so forth.

The title of the paper "KCL: A Declarative Language for Large scale Configuration and Policy Management". The core contribution of this paper is to propose the KCL declarative language, development mechanism, and consistent workflow. Through the language model and constraint capabilities, we can improve the large-scale efficiency and liberate multi-team collaborative productivity of operational development and operation systematically while ensuring stability for large-scale configuration and policy management.

In addition, SETTA 2022 will hold an online conference from October 27 to October 28 (Beijing time), at which time the details of KCL papers will be shared and welcome to join KCL Community. For details of SETTA 2022 meeting agenda, please refer to

Note: KCL has been open-source in Github. Visit for more information.