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Kubernetes is an open source project for running and managing containerized applications on a cluster of machines.

KCL exposes the Kubernetes resource APIs as KCL modules which span common cloud native utilities and applications. In addition, KCL can be used to program, configure, and manage policies around these API modules.

Use Cases

  • Dynamic configuration policy management: Create, orchestrate, mutate or validate Kubernetes API resources for application workloads using the modern language including the use of functions, schemas, conditionals and rich IDE features (auto-completion, type & error checking, linting, refactoring, etc.) instead of YAML, JSON, scripts and templates.
  • Import from existing Kubernetes ecosystem: Convert Kubernetes manifests and custom resource types to KCL.
  • Kubernetes package management: Install or publish KCL modules from the registry for application workload, container and service modules.


Adopt from Kubernetes

Provides the guide to import Kubernetes manifests and CRDs to KCL.

Generate Kubernetes

Provides the guide to generate Kubernetes manifests using KCL.

Kubernetes Tool Integrations

Provides some Kubernetes tool integrations to mutate or validate Kubernetes manifests using KCL modules.