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Version: 0.9


KusionStack is an open-source cloud-native programmable technology stack!

KusionStack is a highly flexible programmable technology stack to enable unified application delivery and operation, inspired by the word Fusion, which aims to help enterprises build an application-centric configuration management plane and DevOps ecosystem.

  1. Fusion of hybrid scenarios of private cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud
  2. Fusion of hybrid platform technologies of cloud-native and a variety of other platform technologies
  3. Fusion of enterprise-level demands of multi-project, multi-team, multi-role, multi-tenant, and multi-environment

Based on the concept of Platform as Code, developers can quickly unify the full configuration schemas, constraints, policies and configs across the application life cycle, work with the hybrid technologies and cloud environment, go through the end-to-end workflow from programming to launching, and truly achieve write once, deliver anywhere.

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